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MRAM Breathes New Life into Astro Too

If you are an engineer, technician, tradesman, inventor, innovator, maker, robotist, Steampunk sculptor, or just a pack rat, then you’ve probably heard of Astro Too, and rumors of its demise are highly mistaken. MRAM Engineering Surplus has inked a deal with Astro Too to manage its operation as well as to co-locate MRAM and its operation at the 3060 Dixie Hwy Palm Bay site. The Astro legacy has long been a staple of South Brevard and part of the County’s DNA for decades. Way back in the late 80’s Pete and Mary Shaw created Astro Marketing as a wholesale purveyor of industrial surplus; soon Brevard’s Makers got wind of the plethora of cool components gathering at the West Melbourne, Vickie Circle location and descended upon the firm with an unrelenting fever for “new stuff”. The Shaws, sensing the opportunity, created a retail operation and named it Astro Too. This offspring was located on Sarno Rd for many years until the retail operation was sold to Mr. Roger Bentley. Mr. Bentley eventually moved and expanded the operation to it’s NASA Blvd. location, where is flourished for many years. The restructuring of NASA Blvd caused a sharp decrease in traffic to this location, and Mr. Bentley moved Astro Too to its current location at 3060 Dixie Hwy (US1) in North Palm Bay.

Now comes MRAM Engineering Surplus headed by John P Sessa, a Brevard resident since 1977 and a retro-fossilized electrical engineer, who was one of those locust that would regularly descend upon Astro’s treasures. MRAM has begun the process of restructuring Astro Too to have a modicum of organization, while still keeping an ample amount of chaos for the eclectic treasure hunter. MRAM’s slogan is “Technology Re-Purposed” and intends to move beyond the basic recycling of discarded technology and find new avenues to re-utilize working components and equipment. MRAM has expanded its services to include; appliance parts, re-conditioned UPS’s and battery replacements, PC & laptop repair, as well as bringing in mass quantities of “New Stuff”.

MRAM@ Astro Too is located at 3060 Dixie Hwy (US1) in Palm Bay, Fl

For information call 321-574-1337 or email

Help us win a $250,000 Grant from Chase Bank

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(We have until November 15th pleeeeeze hurry)

Help Make MRAM @ Astro Too A much more exciting place

Come on by the store!!

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Vendors Wanted for ESM!

MRAM and AstroToo are seeking interested eclectic vendors for the formation of a monthly Engineering Swap Meet.

The ESM (Engineering Swap Meet) will be held here on Astro grounds and is open to all engineering and scientific discipline Pack Rats to bring their beloved e-stuff to trade and sell - so we may obtain new and exciting beloved e-stuff.

The Swap meets will be on a Saturday that is best suited for the initial vendors. We seek 12 vendors initially; These first brave motivated souls will receive a discounted spot for $25. Initially there will be no spot size restrictions but vendors are encouraged to keep it reasonable. Special allowances for any Spacecraft. Once we have 12 commitments, MRAM will begin to advertise locally with PSA’s, road signs and print media. Help create something fun, educational and exciting.

Inquire Within or MRAM 321.574.1337

Steampunk Lab is just one of the many cool websites dedicated to the genre of Steampunk. Check it out!


To get an idea, take a look at a few of the Steampunk Creation images posted.

Steampunk & Technology Art Makers

Astro Too Discovered as Hidden Treasure Chest for More Than Just Conventional DIY Electronics Tech Enthusiasts


What is Steampunk?

Depending on who you ask, there are many different areas: Gadgets, Art, Jewelry, Clothing, just to name a few.

In our own words, Steampunk is a way of creatively combining new technology with the nostalgic look of past technology.

Steampunk Keyboard

Datamancer's Laptop

Faceless Clock

Copper Tube Lamp

Steampunk Filigree VW Beetle

Astro Too for Appliance Parts (and Know How)

We Can Help You DIY and Get Your Appliances Back Up and Running


Astro Too keeps parts for all of the most common appliance repairs in stock. If we do not have it in the store, we can order it or YOU can by visiting our online ordering site!

Link to Astro Too Online Appliance Parts Ordering


At the store we refer to Roger as the Appliance Parts Ninja!


He is in the process of reviewing and selecting the best DIY Appliance Repair instructional Videos from YouTube. Once he has found the ones he thinks are good enough, we will post them to the Astro Too website and send out a featured video in future editions of Astro Too Times.

Astro Too on eBay

Not Close Enough to Drop By the Store in Melbourne? No Worries - We are also on eBay!


Link to Astro Too eBay Store


Astro Too on Facebook

We have created an ALL NEW Astro Too Facebook page. Not much up there yet but we are working on it! Come be our friend!!


Link to NEW Astro Too Page on Facebook


Astro Too on YouTube

Astro Too is in the process of picking out a bunch of great YouTube videos we think you should see:

Our favorite Maker projects

Best & Most Common Appliance Repair DIY Instructional Videos



Coming soon!

**Link to Astro Too on YouTube

Astro Too for Being Green


We Are THE Place for Old Technology Recycling.

You Bring It, We Provide a Place to Leave It (which is finally not a pile in YOUR house!) and find a GREEN place for it.

Appliance Parts and other info Link for Main Astro Too Home Page

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